Welcome to the Kingsbridge Estate regeneration website.

We’re One Housing and we’re working with residents to help shape the future of the estate.

During these conversations, we have been weighing up different options and changing them based on resident input. We will be discounting unfavourable options and options that do not work in relation to the assessment criteria-this is called an ‘options appraisal’. The process aims to arrive at a preferred option that a majority of residents support and is deliverable. Following the consultation, residents will be asked to vote on whether they would like the preferred option to go ahead.

This website has been designed to provide accessible information on the project and allow residents and stakeholders to join the conversation and be kept up to date.

Project timeline


Getting to know Kingsbridge Estate

September to December 2020

Speaking to residents to understand what you like and dislike about your homes, blocks, estate and the local area. Introduce the team from One Housing, the architects and your Residents’ Advocate and Independent Residents’ Advisor. Discuss objectives for the future and collect residents’ feedback.


Initial Options

January to May 2021

Presentation of the first draft design proposals for the options for change, informed by the previous feedback from residents.

Refine Options

May to June 2021

Presentation of updated designs for the options with an assessment of each against the five appraisal criteria.

Develop Preferred Options – We are here

November – December 2021

Presentation of updated designs for the preferred options and updated assessment of each against the five appraisal criteria. Some options will be discounted by this stage.

Present Final Option

Early 2022

Presentation of the final option to be voted on by residents at a ballot.