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In 2019 the Kingsbridge Estate’s independent advisors spoke to residents about their likes, dislikes and what could be improved about their homes, block and estate. As part of this phase, we launched our Starting the Conversation questionnaire, the results of which helped us to develop our ideas for the next stages of consultation and formed the basis of the Resident’s Brief.

In September 2020 we kicked off Cycle 1 and introduced our project architects, Haworth Tompkins. A key objective of this phase was to delve deeper into the detail of Kingsbridge Estate and help build our understanding of what works, what doesn’t and what residents wanted to see in our evolving ideas.
A report summarising the consultation process and feedback received was published in December 2020.
In January 2021 we launched Cycle 2, which included the presentation and discussion of five options for how Kingsbridge Estate could change. These were early ideas presented to residents to gather feedback on what they did and didn’t like as well as how the options could be improved. It was also a chance for residents to respond to the feedback from Cycle 1 and provide any additional comments on the Draft Resident’s Brief.
A report summarising the consultation process and feedback received was published in May 2021.
In May 2021 we launched Cycle 3, presenting the refined options in more detail, along with some further assessment of each option conducted by Quod. Each option was scored against five criteria:

o Financial viability: Is the proposed work within budget?

o Implementation: Considering the current risks and possible challenges of getting an option built.

o Residents’ brief: How well does it meet the brief?

o Environmental impact: What is the environmental impact of the proposal?

o Socioeconomic benefit: How do these proposals benefit the local area and community in addition to improving the existing homes and providing new ones?

Cycle 3 has been concluded and the report was published in August 2021

In November 2021, we launched Cycle 4, presenting Option 1 (existing estate with long-term improvements), Option 4A (replace Michigan and refurbish Montrose and Montcalm) and Option 5 (full redevelopment)


In March 2022, Cycle 4 was concluded and the report was published in April 2022


In April 2022, we launched Cycle 5, where the Options Appraisal process was concluded with the presentation of the preferred option. The preferred option was for a full redevelopment of the estate, which was then put forward to a resident ballot in November 2022.


During November and early December 2022, a ballot was held for residents to vote on the regeneration proposals to demolish the existing blocks and build new homes. The community was asked:

Are you in favour of the proposal to demolish and fully redevelop the Kingsbridge Estate through regeneration?

We had a fantastic turnout with 75.6% of eligible voters taking part in the ballot. 85.4% voted ‘yes’ and 14.6% voted ‘no’. Therefore, the overall result was ‘Yes’. This is a clear message that most residents are keen to see change and support the proposals for demolition of the existing blocks and construction of new homes.


We are here

Following the conclusion of the options appraisal consultation and resident ballot, we will be meeting with each household to discuss their specific needs and preferences for the future


By summer 2023, we will be appointing a development partner who will work with us and the residents of the Kingsbridge Estate to develop the designs and eventually build the new homes.


Once our development partner has been appointed, the next stage will be the ‘detailed design’ which will last around 12-18 months and will start late Summer/early Autumn this year. This stage will involve working on the regeneration proposals in more detail up to an application being submitted to the Council for planning permission. Through this process we will hold several exhibition events for all residents to provide feedback on the designs.

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